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Custom software development is a good opportunity to get a unique software product created with all the nuances of your business work. The proposed service is particularly relevant in cases where there is no standard software for your task. Or the existing software does not meet your requirements.

The program is created in accordance with your requirements. It solves exactly the tasks you face every day. When developing software, you determine the necessary functionality of the solution being created. This means that you do not need to pay for features that you will not use (as opposed to replicable software). After creating the program, you get all the rights to its use, distribution and modification.

The cost of software development depends on the functional requirements of the system, the amount of work, technologies and platforms used. Small projects are carried out on 50% prepayment. For large projects, phased payment is introduced, in accordance with the terms of reference and schedule of work. For more information, contact the developer.