Mykola Kravchenko - Full Stack Developer
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Mykola Kravchenko

Full Stack Developer (Javascript/PHP/Database)

Creating websites, developing modules and plug-ins

Treatment of sites from viruses, recovery from failures

Software development and implementation

Automated systems of information collection and processing

Parsers, content aggregators, data collection from other sites

CRM and ERP systems, company workflow management

Site service, administrator services

SEO optimization, promotion in the search engines

SCADA systems, supervisory control and data collection

Database management systems, reports, data export

About me

General information
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Since 2007, I have been developing custom software (freelancer). Work experience in the specialty more than 10 years.

The main areas - programs for trade organizations, real estate agencies, construction and installation organizations, advertising agencies. Automation of accounting and management of business processes of enterprises.

Control of external devices (SCADA systems). Information-analytical systems. Database management systems. Office workstations (automated workstations). Development, implementation, technical support of software.

Also I develop programs in the field of psychology and related disciplines - correctional-diagnostic complexes. Systems of testing and selection of personnel, card files of clients. Databases of the results of psychological research. Software content analysis. Multimedia reference books, presentations.

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Main directions

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are software for the computer, which allows to solve various tasks of the user. Installed on a computer, for stable operation, no network access is required

SCADA systems

SCADA systems

Dispatch control and data collection - software designed to work in real time systems for collecting, processing, displaying and archiving information about a monitoring or control object

DBMS (database)

DBMS (database)

Database management system (DBMS) - a specialized program designed to organize and maintain a database. For example - customer card files, customer bases, product lists

WEB Applications

WEB Applications

Client-server application, in which the client interacts with the server using a browser. The logic of the web application is distributed between the server and the client, the data is stored on the server

External equipment

External equipment

Experience with equipment companies: Datalogic, Danfoss, Mettler Toledo, Bizerba, Datasensor, Метра, Datecs, Carel. Scanners, scales, indicator boards, laser markers, RFID tags, various sensors

Parsers, aggregators

Parsers, aggregators

Collection of data from other sites (aggregation). Saving information in the database. Search, sort, export to other formats (Excel, PDF, DOCX, TXT, JSON). Development of specialized content management systems

Systems CRM, ERP, BPM

Systems CRM, ERP, BPM

CRM, ERP, BPM systems are designed to automate and manage the company's internal work processes. They allow you to work collectively with documents, projects, tasks. Increase the efficiency of internal communications

Support sites

Support sites

Health monitoring. Prompt elimination of errors and technical failures, treatment from viruses. Change the functionality of the site, adding and changing sections. Changing the graphic design elements

Individual solutions

Individual solutions

Consulting services in the field of IT. Creating custom solutions for your tasks. Having analyzed the problem, I suggest several scenarios for developing software products. Maintenance of projects at all stages of development


Education, work experience, skills
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2001 - 2006

Engineer programmer

National Aerospace University (Kharkov Aviation Institute)

Faculty of Informatics, Software of Automated Systems

2007 - 2009


Central Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education

Faculty of Management and Psychology, specialty - psychology


  • Office automation systems, electronic document management
  • Software as a Service (SAAS services)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM, ERP, BPM)
  • Software and hardware systems for data collection and dispatch control (SCADA systems)
  • Aggregators, content parsers, collection of information from other sites
  • Programs for working with external equipment (various sensors, controllers)
  • Specialized content management systems developed for a specific project (CMS)


12.2007 - 05.2024


Freelance, his own boss :)

Full Stack programmer, freelancer. Development of software to order

09.2007 - 12.2007

Engineer programmer

Scientific and innovative VENBEST-Ltd

Development of drivers for existing equipment. Data transmission software over the GSM network (sms, gprs, csd), mobile security systems, programs for working with GPS and electronic cards. Development of client-server applications. Development of programs working on SMTP, POP3, HTTP protocols. Encryption of data. Multithreaded applications.

07.2006 - 10.2006


Rosan (department of software development)

Participated in the creation of a system of control and management of transport. Development of client workstations, database synchronization system, workflow automation for Zepter. Creating reports QuickReport, FastReport. Export data to other formats.


PHP 5.6, 8.x + frameworks

JavaScript (jQuery)

HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap5, adaptive design

DBMS(SQL/NoSQL) - MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, FireBird (Interbase)

Object Pascal (Delphi 7-11)

Understanding the principles MVC, PDO, OOA/OOD/OOP

Knowledge SVN, GIT


CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tilda, MODX, OpenCart

ОС Windows 8+, ОС Windows Server, UNIX(Ubuntu)

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Canva

Work with industrial equipment - Datalogic, Danfoss, Mettler Toledo, Bizerba, Datasensor, Метра, Datecs, Carel

Protocols - OVEN, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, DCON, Modbus TCP, GateWay


Project examples
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Collection of interesting articles
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Coordinates for communication
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Website development, programs


Custom software development is a good opportunity to get a unique software product created with all the nuances of your business work. The proposed service is particularly relevant in cases where there is no standard software for your task. Or the existing software does not meet your requirements.

The program is created in accordance with your requirements. It solves exactly the tasks you face every day. When developing software, you determine the necessary functionality of the solution being created. This means that you do not need to pay for features that you will not use (as opposed to replicable software). After creating the program, you get all the rights to its use, distribution and modification.

The cost of software development depends on the functional requirements of the system, the amount of work, technologies and platforms used. Small projects are carried out on 50% prepayment. For large projects, phased payment is introduced, in accordance with the terms of reference and schedule of work. For more information, contact the developer.